On-Time Campaigns // Groovy Templates // Consistent Marketing

Newsletters are your way of saying hello to the fans of your business. They keep you in front of an audience who has agreed to have consistent information about your goods and services! Truly, newsletters are great way of inspiring your clients, offering helpful tips and tricks related to your industry, and reminding people what you offer.

Newsletters are meant to promote our business, but what I love about them so much is that they offer us a unique way to tell a story and arrive in the hearts and minds of our clients. Consistent messaging to your people let’s them know that you care, and that you take your work seriously.

Newsletter campaign services can seem daunting, and in addition to that, how do you stay motivated to sending something out monthly or weekly? I understand these dilemmas first hand, and want to help you set up your newsletter, create a smooth system, customize a beautiful template, and stay consistent to your goals.

When you hire me to run your newsletter I will manage it using the service of your choice and do everything behind the sense for you! We’ll collaborate on the copy, and I’ll keep track of the time and email you a week prior to your email blast so you have time to get me copy for the email!



STEP 1:: We meet for our free consultation, and figure out what type of newsletter will best serve your business, and how often you’d like to be sending out a newsletter.

STEP 3:: I take over the reins of the management system of your choice (I recommend mail chimp for small businesses) and create custom templates that are specific to your brand

STEP 4:: I email you a week before your newsletter is set to be published, and remind you to send me the copy for your email (the only thing you’re responsible for in this process!)

STEP 5:: Your email goes out consistently, on time, and with ease!

Investment: $300 a month. Investment includes:

  • Segmented “list” organization in MailChip (or preferred template host)

  • Customize template set up for weekly and/or monthly campaigns

  • Newsletter mailings tailored to the frequency of your needs : whether that means weekly promotions, monthly articles, or something in between

  • Co-designed editorial calendar

  • Gentle nudges from me to write the copy — Because that’s what a wing woman is here for

:: FAQ’S ::

Do you work with platforms other than Mailchimp?

Yes! I can work with which ever plat form you use, though if you are a small business starting from scratch I recommend Mailchimp

Typically I only send out one or two email a month, but this month I need to send out extra promo emails, is that covered in this package?

Yes! You get 5 emails a month included in this package. You don’t have to use all 5, and they are flexible and can be tailored to your business and launches or promo’s each month

Do you write the copy for my emails?

Typically, I don’t, I encourage my clients unique voice to shine through. However, if you’d like me to take over the copy writing I can for an additional investment of $25 an hour

I’m afraid I’ll forget to write the copy, can you remind me?

Absolutely! I’ll remind you a week ahead of the send date so you can get the copy done

If I hire you as a VA, are newsletter services included with your hourly rate?

No, I offer my newsletter as a separate package that can be added onto my VA services