"Brooke's positive energy and focused professional drive was the support my business needed to move through some of the tasks we were getting stuck in. Brooke is reliable, creative, and a joy to work with!" -K. Michelle Johnson, MA

"Brooke approaches her work with care and authenticity. She is both receptive, supportive and open and asks very direct and challenging questions that cut to the heart of the matter. In getting your business to be sustainable, Brooke does not have an arbitrary formula for success, rather she listens, reflects and develops the strategy to facilitate sustainability. She understands business from a feminine perspective in an often hyper-masculine culture. " — Livia Cohen Shapiro, MA, founder of Applied Psychology For Yogis

“Brooke has a big heart, a strong intuition, and is grounded in the bigger picture of business. She’ll champion your dream like it’s her own. As creatives, we need that.” — Larell Scardelli, founder of Lalalarell

“I really enjoy working with Brooke! Her passion for helping women entrepreneurs is evident. She is punctual, thorough, and highly professional. She has a willingness to help while maintaining clear boundaries which makes for a smooth and uncomplicated working relationship. I have found it so comforting to have an unbiased third-party perspective to be a sounding board while in the trenches of launching a brand.” - Jessica Carry, founder of SoulSpeak Wellness

“I am consistently struck by Brooke's ability to simultaneously hold the big picture and soul mission of a business, while also getting clear on the steps, the details, the nitty-gritty pieces that will support that mission. Everything she does, she does with the bigger vision in mind. She brings so much heart and passion to the things in my business that can feel like an afterthought - but that make a difference for my bigger brand. Be it the newsletter, the website, or something else, she finds a way to infuse every piece of your business with the unique flavor and unique mission that you have created. Brooke is full of heart, and she brings heart to all the businesses she touches. Get ready.” -Makayla McDonald, founder of Food Peace Body Love