Eye Catching Design // Online Presence // Functional Formatting

A landing page for your clients, a place to feature your work, the online hub for your business; a website is all of this and more. It’s the visual representation for your brand that works for you around the clock. Consider it your virtual storefront, with the lights left on at night so people can always buy or book your services. With both from scratch, and revision options, I offer something for every savvy business owner!

It’s important to have a site that reflects your unique business, looks good, and easy for your clients to use. My website design service is from scratch site setup: from securing your domain, to designing the template for your website, and importing your content, it’s a one stop shop service.

Already have a site set up? Great! This service can also be booked to review your current site, and refresh it’s design or copy, and strategize it’s function.



PACKAGE 1: From Scratch Setup

  1. We’ll meet to strategize what pages your site needs, nail down your brand aesthetics, and how you’d like your site to function

  2. You’ll upload your images and copy to our shared google drive folder as I start building out the first draft of your site

  3. We’ll meet for a feedback session where I’ll get your thoughts on how the site looks so far. I’ll make any last revisions necessary for your site

  4. Boom — you’ve got yourself a spanking new website to share with the world!

Investment: $500 flat fee, which includes:

  • Copy editing and refinement

  • Domain set up

  • Aesthetic planning

  • Feedback meetings and refinements

  • Social Media link hook up’s

PACKAGE 2: Revision and Redesign

  1. You have a site, but you need to update it, change it, or are just curious about how it can function better

  2. I’ll review your site and generate feedback for each page and the over all function and flow of the site

  3. We meet to review my feedback and you decide if you’d like me to login and update your website, or if you’d like to integrate the changes on your own

  4. Once the changes are made, we meet to review the new site together, and just like that, you’re website is fresh and new!

    Investment: $200.00 flat fee, which includes:

  • Copy editing and refinement

  • Aesthetic planning

  • Feedback meetings and refinements

  • Social Media link hook up’s

:: FAQ ::

Do you build websites in other platforms besides Squarespace?

At this time, I do not. While I have experience working with Wordpress and WIX, I am a Squarespace connoisseur and highly recommend Squarespace for it’s easy to use platform.

Can you help me set up my domain?

Yes! Domain set up is a part of my setup package.

Do you write or edit my website copy?

Editing and refining website copy is included with both packages! If you would like me to write your website copy there is an additional price of $25 an hour for the time spent writing the copy.

Do you offer graphic design or photography services?

I am not a graphic designer, but I am a photographer. If you are local to Boulder, CO I am happy to take your creative professional head shots for an additional investment $250

Are you an SEO expert?

I am not, but with the ‘From Scratch’ package I set up basic website SEO and google site analytics.

Do you write code?

I do not write code.